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  Welcome thieves!

Getting our AF gear is an important task, and there are many guides out there telling us how to do it. I used these sources to get my AF, however I wasn't always pleased with the amount of detail that was given to me. I have molded this walkthrough out of what I have read and experienced in the hope that it will make your AF quests a bit more pleasant. Enjoy your stay and good luck!

Special thanks to Tils for his excellent AF guide. It was a huge asset when it came time for me to do these quests. More special thanks to the ffxi.allakhazam.com and vnboards.ign.com goers, whose suggestions and information helped refine what you see here.

Saturday, March 4, 2006 - 12:38 PM

New contact email added.
I had an email mishap which you can read about in my most recent post in the Allakhazam thread. In order to prevent any further problems I created sataggnore@gmail.com, so please use this one from now on if you want to get ahold of me. Thanks!

Saturday, May 28, 2005 - 3:59 PM

Big juicy batch of updates and changes.
I still get emails from you (they still make my day), I still read all of them and I still put in your tips or suggestions when appropriate. STILLOWNED! I may have laid the groundwork for a nice guide here, but the tips and feedback you send in really help take things to the next level, so thank you.

In this update we have new "ledge stealing" technique for the Quadav Stew,
a new spot to farm Gausebit Wildgrass, an updated Dangruf Wadi map image with crab/lizard/hare labels, some more info related to the Climbpix tower that requires you to go through GC, a massive rearrange of the bomb fight information during AF3 and some other smaller updates. I reformatted some of the text from ALL CAPS to Normal. I also decided to color all the updated info text green so that it doesn't look the same as my original text, and doesn't clash with the other red highlights.

Sunday, February 20, 2005 - 11:47 PM

Thanks to everyone for continued emails and donations.
Emails still trickle in offering thanks and adding minor suggestions about the guide. Thanks to everyone who takes the time to email, it's nice to hear from you. Also wanted to give special thanks to the few people who have sent donations via Paypal. I'm certainly not profitting, but the cheddar has helped offset annoying bandwidth costs and is allowing me to keep this guide up indefinitely. Thanks again. ^^

Thursday, December 2, 2004 - 4:45 PM

Made some updates to various sections of the guide.
I still get emails from players thanking me for this guide and offering additional details about their experiences. Due to these emails I was able to just add some text about the difficulty of the bonnet boss fights, acquiring Quake Grenades as a drop instead of buying them, how to better claim the AF3 bomb without making it go boom and a couple more little things. Thanks everyone for your emails.

Sunday, August 22, 2004 - 9:11 PM
Added PayPal donation option to the bottom of each page.
While donations are by no means required, fall semester has come around again and my finances are a little bit /panic worthy. If this guide has been helpful and you wish to toss a single my way, I would be much obliged and it would enable me to keep this guide up indefinitely. {Take care.}

Wednesday, June 23, 2004 - 3:29 PM

Width of guide changed to allow easier printing.
I changed the width of all the pages from 800 pixels to 700 in the hope that it would alleviate the printer problems some of you have been having. Hopefully it makes a difference.

Monday, June 21, 2004 - 1:51 AM

AF3: Rogue's Poulaines section updated with new fight strategy.
I got a very interesting email suggesting a new method for the bomb fight, to prevent it using self-destruct. I have talked with many people about this part of the quest since I finished it and many, many people report that the bomb exploded on them no matter what. This new method involves the thief spamming a /targetnpc /ja "Steal" <t> macro to claim the mob as soon as it pops. It worked for the thief who emailed me and I liked the idea so much I changed it to be the new suggested course of action.

Monday, June 7, 2004 - 7:19 PM

Female Elvaan AF screen added.
Took some screens of my thief in the entire outfit. Check out the picture of my character if you would like to.

Monday, June 7, 2004 - 7:01 PM

Rogue's Armlets section added.
Sorry this one took so long. I was busy with some other things, one of which is Dancing Edge (evil laugh). This will probably be amended a bit in the coming days as usual, but I think all the major pieces are in place. I will try to get some more screens ready for the other sections. I also added a "QUICK QUEST SUMMARY" to each guide, basically a really fast list of what needs to be done that you can read before getting into the sections of details. Back to checking my tree saplings...

Tuesday, May 25, 2004 - 2:48 PM

Rogue's Culotte section added.
I had to rush this one a bit because I am working on a few other things, so this may be need to be fixed a bit more than the other sections. One important thing to mention is my uncertainty over getting the door open in the top area of Castle Oztroja. As far as I understand, you need to be in the middle of Genkai 3 in order to successfully light a torch stand and open the door. I haven't triggered this mission yet, nor have I ever personally opened the door, so if anyone can shed some more light on this issue it would help. When I coffer hunt here I simply ignore the room, and more times than not it has a high level Japanese party pulling Yagudos into it and they usually have a thief, so even if a coffer popped in there I probably wouldn't get it. Anyway, this piece of the AF is what cut my teeth on Oztroja coffer hunting, and perhaps it will be the same for you. Try not to get frustrated by all the other thieves, you will get to a coffer before the vultures at some point. /hurray

Monday, May 24, 2004 - 6:08 AM

Numerous slight changes made to multiple sections.
The keen thieves at the ffxi.allakhazam.com forums brought a few things to my attention and so I updated nearly all of the sections. Basically it was just a few little things I left out or typos, but also some new tips that I didn't think about! I plan to amend the sections whenever I discover new information or better ways to go about any of the quests (your input counts!). I also hope to add some screens at some point to clear up the more confusing parts (drop down points in Castle Zvahl Baileys come to mind). I do not know if I will post updates when I make small changes like these, in fact I probably won't, but rest assured I won't stop until this guide is the best it can be.

Saturday, May 22, 2004 - 3:49 AM

Rogue's Vest section added.
Man going to Baileys and nabbing this coffer puts some hair on your chest (even if you are female). My heart was pumping the entire time and I have to say that while it scared the crap out of me, it was quite exciting and fun. I was the only person in the castle while I hunted for my coffer, and being all alone there freaked me out even more. Having done all of the AF now, I have to say that this was the most dangerous. The boss fights for the other ones were hard, but they weren't scary because we had high level help to buffer us through. The coffer hunts are just you against the machine, and one false move in Baileys = you warped back to home point and a lot of wasted time to get back. I fought to keep myself out of detection while standing right beside hordes of top tier beastmen and IT++ demons. Good luck to you my friends when you undertake this mission.

Thursday, May 20, 2004 - 12:52 AM

AF2: Rogue's Bonnet section added.
This was a big one, for likely the lowest quality item in the thief AF set. Getting this piece of my AF took the longest, mainly because I could never find a group to help me kill Climbpix. One night I sat with a Japanese Tarutaru thief and we shouted in Jueno for like an hour looking for help. Nobody came so we disbanded and I went out and moped around on Sauro, feeling sad. Maybe 40 minutes later I happened to stumble upon some level 73 thief and a high level mage near one of the towers... and who did I see with them but my little Japanese friend from earlier. My eyes lit up and they invited me! To fight the second NM goblin I helped some mages with Davoi keys in return for their help. Like clockwork, when all the keys had dropped, their eagerness to help me waned and all but two left. I fumbled to put a crack team of friends together to save the night and ended up having to pay our ninja tank 4,000 gil for powders to stay, because as he put it, "tanking costs me money." As luck would have it, he died to the goblin and logged in a huff. All the rest of the party said he got what he deserved, charging me for help. I was just glad to get my hat.

Wednesday, May 19, 2004 - 3:48 PM
AF1: Maurader's Knife section added.
I had done this one so long ago it was kind of hard remembering all the details, but I think I got everything. Not sure which section I will do next, perhaps the head or hands. I tried to get my vest last night from Baileys, but I caught aggro from a Spinel Quedev (wtf they aggro sound) and had to dodge + warp out. Well maybe I will have better luck tonight. Take care.

Wednesday, May 19, 2004 - 2:04 AM

AF3: Rogue's Poulaines section added.
My walkthrough is born! I am fairly pleased with how this is turning out, and the AF3: Rogue's Poulaines section has been completed. Hopefully the others are soon to follow in the same format. The only AF I have yet to acquire is the Rogue's Vest.


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